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Amena Begum
Amir Tailors and Boutiques.

Moghbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Amena Begum came from a lower middle class family. Her father was not able to give her and siblings proper education. She learned tailoring from her mother at an early age. She was inspired by her mother to take tailoring as a profession. From her childhood she brought up by helping her mother in tailoring work. Since then she dreamt of to have a tailoring and a Boutique shop in her own where she can provide employment for many other destitute women.

Amena to face hard realities of life

Amena Begum she took training on tailoring from Jatio Mohila Shongstha, Dhaka. Bangladesh which included cutting and stitching of ladies garments. She secured the highest position in that tailoring course. It was possible because of her dedication and hard work.

 In the meanwhile she was married to a CNG (auto-rickshaw) driver at the age of 20 and was blessed with three sons. She was determined to become self-sufficient in her own profession and started getting orders from different shop owners to stitch ladies garments as per their requirements. Meanwhile her husband died due to kidney disease and Amena became widow at the early stage of 30 years old. She had to spend whatever money she had in her business for the treatment of her husband. Then she with her three children becomes helpless in the face of hard realities of life.

 Amena’s journey to enterprise

 Amena Begum remained undaunted by his sad back and started her tailoring profession afresh. She started getting orders from her previous contacts. As she doesn’t have enough money, she is handicap to expand her business. At this point of her life she came in touch with B’Yeah. She applied for a loan from B’Yeah Fund in June, 09. Having discussed her problem at length B’Yeah extended its helping hand to Amena Begum in giving loans as well as in the field of design and other necessary help particularly in the marketing of her finished goods. Thus Amena begum opened her Tailoring shop in August, 09.

Job creation and staff development

Anema Begum gave training to the destitute women free of cost and after training she deploys them in her own shop. Now, at the age of just 30, Amena has been able to create jobs for 3 women in her Shop whom are destitute.

Amena’s business mentor

 Amena’s mentor is Mrs Shamima Khan a boutique shop owner with 10 years’ experience. Amena was Shamima Khan’s first entrepreneurs. Amena often called upon her mentor or meet her for advice on how to develop her business as well as using her contacts to bring new clients to the shop. They used to meet four times a month, and talk more regularly over the phone.


Amena Begum won the ‘Journey to Enterprise’ title by YBI in 2011 and flown to London to receive the award which was like a fairy tale to her. This opportunity gave her to explore with wide range of experience and made her more confident to make her dream to reality.