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Mahbubur Rahman

Self- Reliance denotes key of Success

‘Jhalok Handicraft’ is a name, signifies lot of spirits and an achievement. This is an organization which is situated at Adabor in Mohammadpur, Dhaka. In the year of 2000 with an insignificant initiative Mr. Mahabub Rahaman had started his business. Objective was not only to be a self-reliant person but also making empowered others in the society.

Mahabub Rahaman has brought up in the village of Chiladi, district of Noakhali. In 1992, he had come to Dhaka for the betterment of his life. “Since I was a college student I used to see a dream to contribute in socio-economic development of Bangladesh” said Mahabub. 

Regrettably Mahabub Rahaman had lost his father at the age of ten. As an eldest brother of six, he had to provide financial support to his family. Consequently he had been working in a sweater factory as yarn controller at Pallabi in Mirpur, Dhaka. This was an immense confront for him to manage study at the same time job equivalently.

At some stage in his job at that factory he came to know how underprivileged people resist making capital. Instantly he had decided to run his own business to help those destitute and deprived people.  so that those would not have to face difficulties for work. Then he started dreaming to set up his own business with using the experience of garment business.

After completing his graduation he had gone through a research to introduce a new idea. He had made plan to begin a business to produce stuffs for infants such as napi, khanta, dress, vip and so many things.

He needed money to initiate the business. With some of his savings he took loan from younger sister and started in small scale. At the very beginning he was the only one person to run his business. He did all purchasing, cutting, sewing and marketing. His wife and mother helped him lot in this initiatives. After a few days he recruited two women one for cutting and another for sewing.

He was looking over the purchase and marketing. When he felt his product is on demand then he thought of expansion which required lot of capital. He asked for loan to various financial institution but they asked for collateral which he didn’t have. In the mean time he heard about of B’YEAH that does not requires such kind of collateral. Therefore Mr. Mahbub applied for B’YEAH loan with his business plan which liked by B’YEAH loan committee very much and approved his loan as well. 

However, presently one hundred seven workers are working for this organization. Nevertheless I did not realize that reality and desire are not similar. Reality is so harsh rather than fantasy.

Mr. Mahbub personally trains up his employees. His experience in garment factory helped him a lot in this training procedure. Mahbub is trying hard to create more job opportunities in his organization.

Presently Mahbub is giving his product to the different super shops at Dhaka city. His future plan is to export his product to different countries.

Mr. Mahbub is now a self-reliant man, who not only accountable to his family but also committed to his society.

B’YEAH’s Program officer Ms. Sharmin Jahan Chowdhury said, a mother gives birth her child after 10 months terrible destitution. Mr. Mahabub Rahman is an ideal example of that. He has been working very hard work for ten years and confronts so many difficulties. In 2009 he has been able to produce his business in full-fledged as like a new born baby.