Inspiring Stories

Nipa Akter

  • Age: 18
  • Location :  Kamrangir Chor, Dhaka
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Marital Status: unmarried
  • Siblings: Three sisters and one brother

Nipa is the second among her siblings. She completed her primary education from BRAC schools and then continued at a local secondary school and completed Class-8 (in 2010) after which she had to discontinue with her studies because of financial crisis.

Nipa wanted to look for a job when she was forced to discontinue with her studies. But her cousin came up with an idea that it might be better for her to do something from home and earn a better living. Nipa agreed to it and started learning how to make motor-bike grip from her cousin for about 6 months. Then she borrowed some money from her parents, started making grips and supplied it to the local market (which is not very close to her home). Nipa’s whole family now depends on grip-manufacturing business, where her father, mother, elder sister and younger brother are involved. 

B’Yeah carried out an entrepreneurs’ outreach programme in late 2013 and Nipa was selected from the participants. Nipa says that she learned a lot after participating at the Business Statutory Training offered by BYeah. BYeah Loan Panel has approved a loan for her after her interview with it. Her plan was to hire few people from community and expand her business after receiving the loan. She would like to manufacture Seats for Rickshaws in the future along with what she’s doing now. She received loan from Bank in Sep, 2014 and hire 2 part-time women in her community.

Ashfah Hoq (Lopa) is working as Nipa’s mentor. She is very surprised and delighted to see Nipa doing such unusual business for girls. She visited Nipa’s house which is her working place also. Ashfah gave her some important tips about book keeping.  When asked, what she learned after being attached with BYeah’s activities her response was interesting. She said she learnt that book-keeping is necessary for any successful business. But among the significant changes that she sees in herself is her confidence. She now feels confident to travel alone by bus and come to the BYeah office which takes her about two to two and a half hours.  Now, this heightened self-confidence helps her to go to the market for buying raw materials whereas she would always depend on her older cousin for getting the raw-materials before receiving trainings from BYeah. Her world is expanding. She’s thinking of making a business card for herself, as she sees that help her with her business growth.

Future dreams:  She would also like to have her/their own home, as now Nipa, her parents and siblings live on a piece of land owned by her grand-father.  She would also like to create jobs for many people, mainly women, in her community.