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Umme Sayla Rumki, 27, Growing up in a middle-class family, is a Physiotherapist, successful entrepreneur and author.

Countless people benefit from receiving services from two physiotherapy centers in Uttara and Mirpur. From the age of adolescent, she was willing to do anything under her supervision, to stand on her own feet. Masters in Physiotherapy under Dhaka University in 2008, not having a job despite having the opportunity, she started her physiotherapy center at 500 square feet in Mohammadpur in 2009. Within a few days, her physiotherapy center earned a reputation in that area. But suddenly on a month’s notice, The homeowner told her to close the center. Since there was no written agreement, Rumki relocated his company to Uttara in 2009. She started to face financial problems in new areas. The high cost of renting a house, with a new area. But she didn’t slow down. Rather, the adversity has made her more stubborn in her desire to pursue goals. She got a lot of job opportunities, but she did not. Her husband has motivated her to move on.

Rumki said one day a man named Mr. Main Uddin came to his center as a patient. She tells her about B’YEAH. Later, one day, she communicates with B’YEAH. Then she took two types of training, created a business plan and connected with a mentor. Rumki says BYEAH has changed the course of my life. I have been able to move forward in establishing my initiative. After joining B’YEAH, Rumki took out a loan from MIDAS in 2017 and started his new center in Uttara. Shortly thereafter, another physiotherapy center was established in Mirpur in2018. At present, there are 16 employees in her establishment. Rumki is grateful to the mentor Tanya Wahab. Because of her mentor Tania Wahhab, she was privileged to attend various seminars and workshops in the United States as a 2-week young entrepreneur. She is still mentoring her as a mentor. A book about physiotherapy has been published in the book fair of 2018. Recently, Rumki has completed the launch of a new app called ‘Happy Pregnancy’.

Umma Shayla Rumki dreams One day she will establish a full-fledged physiotherapy hospital. Seeing her, numerous young people go without finding jobs and become a job creator.