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ABM Kamruzzaman Kallal

A. B. M. Kamruzzaman Kallal

Owner of Impressive Communication Ltd.
IT Business

Abdullah Al Mamun
MD. Abdullah Al-Mamun



Facebook Page: United-Social-Businessbd

Abida Sultana

Owner of Bridal Creation

Food Carving, Event Management & Catering Service

Facebook Page: Bridal Creation

MD. Akteruzzaman

Director of Associate for Development Services Limited

Business Development Training, Business Planning, Agribusiness Development, Value Chain Development, Market Survey, Monitoring and Evaluation Market Development, Poultry and Dairy Farming etc.


Afroza Aziz Munni
Afroja Aziz Munni

Owner of Rongraginee Boutique and Fashion House , Rajshahi

Boutique and Fashion

Facebook Page: Rongraginee

Md Alamin
Md Alamin

Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing

Ahida Yasmin
Ahida Yasmin

Owner of Ahida Future Culinary Institute

Cooking, Baking

Facebook Page: AFCIchefs

Md Asraful
Md Asraful

Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing


Proprietor and Designer of Trinomool Karuponno and Handicrafts

Karuponno and Handicrafts

Md. Gazi Tauhidur Rahman

Finance and Marketing

Managing Director FM Plastic Ind. Ltd

Website: fmplasticbd

AKM Nayamat Ullah Babu

CEO of Jute Crafts Bangla

Diversified Jute Products

Md. Mahenur Alam Roni

Founder and CEO of Uddoktagiri

IT, Digital Marketing, Business Development


Anjuara Rahman
Anjuara Rahman

Proprietor and Director of Nakshi International

Art and Design, Handicraft

Md. Masud Sarker

Director Star Computer

Computer Training

Anwara Siddiqua
Anwara Siddiqua

Propietor of Bamboo Crafts

Bamboo Product

Md.Mostafa Dipu

Founder & Managing Director of Annex Leather limited

Leather product (School Bag, Wallet, Belt, Ladies bag, Travel bag etc)

Website: Annexleather

Arifa Sultana
Arifa Sultana

Owner of Sultana Boutique


Facebook Page: Sultana-Boutique

MD. Saiful Islam Saron

Interior Designer

Managing Director and CEO of Creative Circle Ltd

Facebook Page: Creativecircleltd 


MD. Ashikuzzaman

Prorietor of Hand Made BD

Hand Made BD

Facebook Page: HandMadeB

Merina Hussain
Merina Hussain

Owner of Sgelbd fashion

Fashion Design, Graphics Design, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Facebook Page: Karobi Design-Associate

Ayesha Siddiqa

Proprietor of Nishorgi and Director of Purple Food and Agro Limited, Trainer on Small Cottage Industries Development

Handicraft, Art and Recycle bin

Facebook Page: Purple Agro

Mobashwara Rahmatullah
Mobashawara Rahamatullah

 Proprietor of Golden Rope

Jute Product, Handicraft

Syeda Amina Haque Meena

Proprietor of Meena Boutique

Natural Dye, Tie Dye, Block, Batik, Screen Print, Glass Paint, Bonsai, Iekbana, PCB Desig etc.

Facebook Page: Meenaboutiques

Monira Motin Jonaki

Owner of Jonaki Boutique & Shwornolota Event Management, Divisional Head of BWCCI, Rajshahi

Boutique, Event Management

Facebook Page: Jonaki’s Collection

Khurshida Jahan

Owner and Designer of Lavish Design and ঘরের খাবার

Designing, Clothing, Catering etc.

Facebook Page1: LavishDesignsbyKhurshida 

Page 2: Ghorer khabaar

Monowara Begum

Owner of Riha Textile and Boutique


Facebook Page: Riha textile and boutique

Luisha Akter
Mst.Luisha Akhter

Owner of Anupama Hostoshilpa


Youtube: Youtube channel Facebook Page: Anupama Hoshtoh Shilpo

Fahmina Hussain (Shumi)

Chairman at Feast House Pvt Ltd, Co-owner of Zakia Restaurant and Feast House Express (Restaurant)

Cooked Food Sector.

Facebook Page: Feast House Pvt Ltd  Zaika Restaurant   Feast House Express

Naima Islam

Propietor of Ayon Craft

Natural Dye, Block, Batik, Handstitch, Handpaint, Training Consultancy etc.

Facebook Page: Ayon-Crafts

Nasreen Sultana
Nasreen Sultana

Owner of Ethnique Vale & My Kitchen Story

Culinary Sector, Cooking, Jute Products, Business & Financial Planning, Mentoring, Counselling, Digital Content Writing, Product Designing, Business Concept Development etc.

Facebook Page1: Ethniquevale Page2: My kitchen flavors

Chaity Debnath
Chaity Debnath

Teacher & Social Worker


Neela Tabassum

Owner of Ronger Baroi

Tailoring, Boutique & Agent Banking

Facebook Page: Ronger Barroi

Momtaz Maqsood

Proprietor & Owner of Aesthetic , Ex GM of BISIC

Jute Product (Bag, Wall Hang Pocket Table Runner) making, Handpainting, Handstitch, Dress Sewing etc.

Khaleda Sultana

Founder and CEO of Jutemart & Crafts in Bangldesh

Jute Products & Handicrafts.

Website: Jutemart 

Linkedin: Profile 

Twitter: Jutemart 

Instagram: Jutemartbd

Nusrat Khan

Proprietor of FAAZAN Catering House

Natural dye, Block, Batik, Handstitch, Handpaint, Cooking and Baking, Training Consultancy etc

Facebook Page: Faazan CateringYoutube: Youtube link

Nurun Nahar Baby

Owner of Arong Mela and Lutfa Tailors , Founder of Mela Jubo Shomajkollan Shongstha

Boutiques, Clothing, Tailoring, Training Center

Facebook Page1: Arong-mela  Page2: Nahars-Kitchen-Mart

Reshma Jahan
Reshma jahan

CEO of Shwapno kotha kutir Shilpo

Boutique and Handicraft

Facebook Page: Shawpno kotha kutir shilpa

Dali Nag
Dali Nag

Officer, Youth Development Office

Entrepreneurship Training, Skill Development Training

Didarul Islam
Didarul Islam

Digital Marketing Expert

Degital Marketing

Rokeya Parvin Sumona

Rokeya Parvin SumonaOwner of Boichitro

Fashion Designing, Training

Facebook Page: Boichitro

Rima Zulfiker
Rima Zulfiquer

Owner of GrihaSukhan


Facebook Page: Grihasukhan

Dilshad Ara
Dilshad Begum

Owner and Designer of Sharakunju Boutiques

Design, Boutiques, Home décor

Facebook Page: SharakunjuBoutiques

Saba Nowrin

Proprietor of Mekhola

Boutique & Handicraft

Afroza Naznin (Shumi)

CEO & Owner of Shumi’s Kitchen

Cooking, Baking, Recipe Development.


YouTube: ShumisKitchenChannel  Facebook page: shumiskitchen 

LinkedIn: Profile Instagram: Profile

Roksana Parvin Dipu

Director of Protibeshi Mohila Unnoyon Shongstha, Resource Person in SME and Trainer of 27NGOs.

Boutique, Handicraft, Makeover and GYM

Nazia Farhana 

Managing Director & Owner of Shanta’s Cuisine

Cooking, Baking, Food Production and  Service,

Food Preservation and Quality Control, Food Safety and Hygiene, 

Recipe Development, Food Presentation, Batista, BTEB and NSDA certified Trainer

& Assessor, Food Adviser, 2nd Runner-up of Shera Radhuni 1424

Facebook pageShanta’s Cuisine 

YouTube: YoutubeLink 

Instagram: Nazia [email protected] 

Twitter : Nazia [email protected] shantacuisine

Sabrina Islam Bhuya

Owner of Eleora Beauty Parlour & Boutiques House, Owner of Binni Bari

Block, Batik, Handstitch, Handpaint, Cooking & Baking.

Facebook Page1:  Elora-boutique-House Page2: BinniBari

Shahana Sharmin Nupur
Sahana Sharmin Nupur

Founder and CEO of Adella Makeover Salon and Adella Mart

Beautification, HR Professional

Facebook Page: Adella Makeover Salon

Md. Tarequl Islam Khan

Senior Trainer at BWCCI, SEIP

Entrepreneur Development Training, SME loan, Microcredit Program, Grapics Design etc.

Saiful Islam Chowdhury Imrul

Curator at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consultant- Muktijuddho Jadughar

Handicrafts& Cottage Industries, Grapics Design & Art, Product Design, Display Art, Product Packaging, Museology etc.

Halima Khatun

Owner of ‘Ammur Ranna’ health food shop, Former Professor of Abu Dharr Giffari College, Incharge of Twinkle Tots Uttara, Nutritionist of ESTHEVA fitness zone and makeover saloon, Director of RMDS (Rescue Mission Development Society)

Cooking, Reciting and Teaching.

Facebook Page: Ammur Ranna

Samsun Nahar

Owner Mita’s Ghorony

Cooking and Baking

Facebook Page: Mita’s Ghorony

Tarif Mohammed Khan

Founder and Head of Growth of Transformation

Brand Building, Business Development, Business Communication, Business Strategy & Innovation, Crafting Leadership, Marketing & Sales Mastery, Integrity Training etc.

Website: Transformation Facebook Page: TransformationBD

Sandwip Mondal
Sandwip Mondal

Field Superviser, Upozila IGD Office.

Training, Agriculture

Farhana Yesmin

Owner of Lotus World BD


Facebook Page: Lotuswordinbd

Seelina Haider
Seleena Haidar

Director of SABAH Bangladesh

Business Training

Facebook Page: SABAH-Bangladesh

Shahina Chowdhury
Shahina Chowdhury

Research Supervisor

Entrepreneurship Training, Skill Development Training

Ferdous Zinnat Ara

Owner of Milaa’s Collection

Boutique and Interior Design.

Shajedur Rahman
Shajedur Rahman

Executive Engineer of Roads and H

Abu Faisal Ahmed

CEO of Promila

Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Business Innovation and Training.

Sonia Razzaque
Sonia Razzaque

Founder and CEO of Aureate

Ikebana Artist & Trainer

Facebook Page:  Wearaureate

Gul-E-Ferdous Lata
Gul-E-Ferdous Lata

Owner of Tafseer Electronics & Fashion Today

Electronics, Boutique, Bonsai Art, Music

Sorifa Yeasmin Shimu

Owner of Sornolota Cooking House, Trainer on Food and Beverage in UCEP

Cooking, Baking, Catering

Facebook Page: Sornolata Cooking House

Dr. Pinki Shah

Associate Professor at ULAB University, President of Professional Women’s Association (ProWA)

Business Academic Advising, Mentoring, Social Entrepreneurship, Research, Teaching, Recycling Product, Crafted Product, Jute Product etc.

Facebook: Recyclingartcafe Instagram: InstaPage Linkedin profile: PinkiShah

Sujit Das

Founder & CEO of Intern BD

Career cousellor, mentoring


Hasina Mukta

Proprietor of Natunatta Boutiques &Handicraft

Boutiques & Handicraft

Jannatul Afroz Shumi
Jannatul Afroz Sumi

Proprietor of J.afroz Handicrafts Centre(registered by BSCIC)

Fashion Design, Block Batic, Art and Crafts, Handicrafts, Jute and Leather, M-seal, Clay work, Glass Painting, Hand Painting, Canvas Painting, Ornaments Making etc

Sultana Popy

Owner and Founder of Rangdhanu Academy

Cooking, Baking, Food Processing, Food Safety and Hygiene, Tourism and Hospitality, Tailoring, Beautification, Block Batik, Fashion Design

Facebook Page: Rangdhanu Academy website: Rangdhanuacademy

Judisthir Ranjan Paul
Judisthir Ranjan Paul

Officer, Depatment of Fisheries, Bangladesh.

Entrepreneurship Training, Skill Development Training

Sayeda Naznin Fatema
Syeda Naznin Fatema

Owner of Naznin’s kitchen


Facebook Page: Naznin’s kitchen

Khania Khanom Boby
Khania khanom Boby

Director of Adhora group, Adhora Beauty Parlour and Spa Training Center, Adhora Skill Development Training Institute, Shabolombi Jubo Kollan Shostha

Tahmina Siddiqua
Tahmina Siddiqua

Owner of Rhee, CEO of ORYX air Service Agent.

Handicraft (Wood Ornaments)

Mahmuda Hossain Eshta
Mahmuda Hossain Eshta

Fashion, Construction, Supply, Schooling
Facebook Page: Eshta-Fashion

Tanvir Ahammed
Tanvir Ahammad

Founder & Master Trainer of Youth Art BD

Fashion Design, Handicrafts & Art.

Facebook Page: YOUTH ART BD

Mahmuda Khatun

Proprietor of Shotabdi Fashion Design

Training on Jute product, Handicraft

Facebook Page: Shatabdi-Fashion-Design

MD. Akteruzzaman

Area Manager, BRAC



About Mentoring

Mentoring is a practical approach to help young entrepreneurs develop their abilities and insights as they start and grow their own businesses – YBI



Trusting and supportive


One-to-oneConfdentialTrusting and supportiveDevelopmentalBuilding capacity and skillsFocused on the individualForming a partnership/a friendshipA mutual learning experienceBuilding self reliance

Building capacity and skills

Focused on the individual

Forming a partnership/ friendship

A mutual learning experience

Building self reliance