Social & Green Impact Incubation

A 16-week step-by-step learning and coaching program for social and green enterprises. Get the support you need to grow with an international toolkit and access to financing options. 

16 Week

A comprehensive 16-week step-by-step learning roadmap.


Global toolkit developed by YBI and its partner organizations.


Handson training provided by BYEAH’s trainers, mentors, and partners.


Access to international network of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and partners.


Opportunity to get debt financing from local investment firms.

Program context

How We Define Social and Green Entrepreneurship

A social or green enterprise is characterized by its core reason for existence and the problems it aims to address. The social or environmental purpose lies at the core of its vision and mission, serving as a crucial factor in decision-making.

Critical points of a social or green enterprise:

  • It is inherently driven by purpose and explicitly incorporates its social or environmental objective.
  • It integrates its social or environmental purpose into its vision, mission, values, and business model.
  • The social or environmental purpose is so deeply ingrained that it becomes a decisive element in the business’s choices.
Participation eligibility

Who Are We Looking For


You are based in Bangladesh and are a Bangladeshi citizen.


Your age is between 18-35


You are running an early-stage social or green enterprise

Willingness to Grow

You want to tap into diverse funding opportunities to grow your enterprise

Time Commitment

You are willing to dedicate a minimum of 4-6 hours per week for about 16 weeks

Completion Commitment

You must commit to the complete entire incubation program

A 16-Week Crash Program​

Social and Green Entrepreneurship
Learn through YBI Toolkit

A comprehensive roadmap to success for social & green businesses. Follow our step-by-step guide, from designing your scalable solution to making an impact in the world. Start your journey towards balancing profit with purpose

Starting with me

Personal Development & Self Knowledge

Clarify program objectives, establish ethical guidelines, and align individual ambitions with broader social and environmental objectives.

Designing the solution

Business and Impact Ideation

Brainstorm innovative, scalable business ideas aimed at making significant social and environmental impacts.

Making the change

Business Model

Develop sustainable, practical business models that integrate profitability with social and environmental benefits.

Future-proofing my business

Business Validation

Validate business models through market analysis, feasibility studies, and potential customer feedback.

Building the foundation

Legal, Governance & Finance

Understand legal obligations, regulatory frameworks, and compliance issues related to operating a green, socially responsible business.

My impact in the world

Impact Measurement & Growth

Implement impact measurement tools to gauge success, set growth strategies, and ensure continuous improvement.

Assessment & Pitch

Gett assessed and develop persuasive pitches, cultivate professional relationships, and connect with potential investors and stakeholders in the field.

Act on your cause.

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Reward Pack

Upon successful completion of the program and attainment of all learning outcomes, you will be awarded a certification and gain access to a vast global network of youth entrepreneurs.


Based on your initiative and standing, SGIA will award you as a Certified Social & Green Entrepreneur (CSGE). The CSGE certification can verified online by your future investors or partners.


Each successful graduate of the program will be introduced to the global networks of entrepreneurs, professionals, mentors, investors, and partners.


SGIA has partnered with multiple investment houses and crowdfunding platforms. The programs graduates will be given high priority for raising funds through SGIA investment partners.

Apply Now

We encourage you to find your cause and get engaged with SGIA to contribute and alleviate the impact of your chosen cause.

Step 1: Request for Enrolment

Provide few basic information about your business, idea, and/or yourself and request for enrolment. 

Step 2: Interview & Selection

We will call for a face-to-face interview once you submit an enrolment request. We will confirm your selection within 2-3 days of interview.

Step 3: Enrolment Confirmation

Once your application is accepted we will send you an enrolment confirmation email which will have access to your SGIA learning portal.

Step 4: Orientation

You will be invited to our orientation program where you will meet the program director, instructors, and mentors. You will be assigned to a cohort group and will start your social and green journey with SGIA.

SGI2 Application Form

Incubatees’ Testimonials

Here, we present real stories and experiences shared by our incredible incubatees who have embarked on transformative entrepreneurial journeys with us.

"BYEAH’s incubation program proved highly valuable and effective for me. Among the many other things, I have learnt how to effectively target the right audience for my product. Additionally, it emphasized the importance of designing future products based on existing problems, rather than inventing a product and then seeking out a customer base for it."
Wasiul Haque Bhuiyan
Founder, Ohmtech Electronics
"Thanks to the incubation program, I gained unprecedented exposure that would have taken me three years to achieve on my own. In addition to learning how to scale my business, I established a new showroom, tripled the number of beneficiaries, and secured a debt-based fund of 13 lakh from The incubation program has been a game-changer for me."
Zarin Tasnim
Founder, Shonkhochil Kutir
"I express deep gratitude for BYEAH's incredible support and mentorship during our recent incubation program. It has been transformative, providing valuable resources, networking, and validation, positioning us for accelerated growth and investor appeal. With this newfound knowledge, we are excited to make a lasting impact in waste management and recycling."
Sk Imtiaz Uddin
Founder & CEO, Ecobee LTD

Implementation Partners

SGI2 is supported by many international and local partners. Some of our key partners are: is an investment consultancy platform that connects individuals with profitable businesses. It prioritizes ethical and principled financial flow, aiming to generate wealth and positively impact economies while upholding integrity.

Intelliva a Canadian technology startup with expertise in web, mobile, and IoT solutions design, development, and implementation. The company’s vision is to simplify complex technologies and make those work for small and large enterprises.

Application CLOSED!

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