For Bangladeshi young company owners whose enterprises aim to make a beneficial social or environmental impact, ‘Bridge for Billions’ and ‘Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Helpcentre- BYEAH have brought about a fantastic opportunity. For early-stage entrepreneurs, Bridge for Billions is a digital ecosystem of entrepreneurship programs. This step-by-step incubation program, which employs a- learn by doing entrepreneurship model and incorporates the support of a mentor and a peer community, was developed by Bridge for Billions six years ago. For Bangladeshi entrepreneurs looking to develop and make their business ideas sustainable, B-Briddhi incubation program is a 4-month incubation and mentoring program. Every step of the way, each participant will be guided by a mentor who will meet with the participant once a week to help them create a practical, usable business plan that will enable the entrepreneurs to sustain their own enterprise. A Developed Business Plan will be provided throughout the whole process. At the end of this program, all the participants will get a Certificate of Incubation and 8 Business tools to accommodate their Businesses. Moreover, they will get the opportunity to belong to a community of passionate entrepreneurs.

Two crucial segments, which are- online incubation and mentorship, Cohort Sessions on Zoom, have already been started and will continue till January- 2023. The closing session of this cohort will be held on January 2023. The Incubation Platform is 100% online, practical, and in English. The participants will learn new approaches through practical experience. During this cohort, a mentor will work one-on-one with each participant for four months to help them steer their businesses in the right direction. Strong entrepreneurial abilities will be acquired in areas including financial planning, competitor analysis, price strategy, and customer segmentation. Participants will get the opportunity to have Weekly Meetings for one hour per week with the mentors and Monthly Cohort Meetings with the entire team. Mentors will access their workspace on the BYEAH Impact Incubation Platform and help them validate each tool. Each entrepreneur has one mentor only, but in some exceptional cases, they might have two mentors.