Shafina Lohani Foundation is a foundation that provides Caregiving Services for children below the age of 5 and senior citizens above the age of 70 with severe medical conditions. The foundation also provides training services to aspiring Caregivers and provides internship facilities for them under the foundation’s activity programs. The Foundation serves working parents who find it difficult to find a balance in the home and office life, taking away the stress of tending to their kids or parents during their work hours. The aim is to provide support for three generations through one caregiving platform with the hopes of enhancing the economy. Ashifa Chowdhury, the founder of Shafina Lohani Foundation, aims to create a one stop solution for caregiving services under her social enterprise.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, she had to close her daycare centers like many other businesses that were affected during that time.

BYEAH Impact Incubation

Social enterprises require investments in their initial phases to develop their business Infrastructure and market reach before they gain enough momentum for business sustainability. BYEAH Impact Incubation program provides the support impact enterprises need to access those Impact Investors. Ashifa, through the program got access to digital tools (via our partner organization Bridge for Billions’ global platform) which helped her polish her ideas and make them more presentable for her pursuit of impact investors.

She prepared certain key aspects like Value Proposition, Competitor Mapping, Stakeholder Mapping, Business Model & Marketing, Business Viability & Pricing, and Financial, Impact and Growth Projections with the help of the provided digital tools provided in the program.

Ashifa has been matched with a mentor to motivate and help her formulate her ideas into a complete business document.

The complete documentation of these key aspects allows her to submit a comprehensive executive summary to potential investors to support her cause.

Ashifa Chowdhury started her incubation with BYEAH on September 27, 2022. Her incubation period lasted till January 30, 2023. She will have access to the platform 6 months from the completion date.