As a mother of two, Israt Kadir Ricken wishes to be a role model for her children. She believes that staying active and making an economic contribution has a positive impact in both personal and social life. She engages her eldest son in her business activities to make him earn his allowances. Financial freedom builds character according to Israt.

Basic Entrepreneurship Training She started her business after acquiring Basic Entrepreneurship Training from BYEAH. She learned that to manage risks having multiple businesses at the same time helps mitigate the loss and keeps the cash flow required for running businesses. She makes children’s clothing using her crotchet skills, has a mini garden on her roof with a variety of plants which she sells, and her main business being production and sale of Mushrooms. Since mushroom is a seasonal business, during off-seasons she works on her other businesses.

She prepared all her business licenses and documents after learning about them from the training program organized by BYEAH in Munshiganj.

She generates a profit of BDT 45,000 on average every month from her multiple businesses which was possible because of the marketing strategies she learned from BYEAH’s training courses.

Market Linkages

Israt further mentions BYEAH’s contribution in creating market linkage for her. She got connected to Jatiyo Mahila Sangstha from the exposure BYEAH gave her. As a ripple effect, the district Judge Court and influential individuals from her area provide her support when marketing her products.

Israt Kadir Ricken is grateful to BYEAH and believes she will be able to expand her businesses with BYEAH on her side.