Entrepreneurship is not limited to starting and growing businesses. Entrepreneurs may also be great organizers of their communities as well. In Sirajdikhan, Shila Akhter has dedicated her life in the development of the women in her society. She believes with the right support anyone can make a difference. When asked how she came up with this understanding she answered, “I have witnessed collective efforts making a difference in society from my life experience and after acquiring Decent Work Principles Training from BYEAH that belief strengthened.”

Entrepreneurship Development

During the covid-19 pandemic, Shila produced masks, gloves and hairnet for her community, while also building awareness of safety precautions within the community. She also formed the Daniapara Motshojibi Somobay Samiti, an organization that utilized household ponds for fish production generating food and income for the families who lost their main source of income because of the pandemic, supporting her community with the knowledge she acquired from BYEAH’s Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Her own venture buys clothing items and redesigns them for sale. She supports 48 families through her venture.

Advanced Digital Training

BYEAH provided Shila with advanced digital training after which she formed a team to coordinate her online sales. Her daughter takes part in the coordination of the team assigned for online sales.

Decent Work Principles

Shila obtained the Decent Work Principles Online training from BYEAH during the covid-19 pandemic. She immediately mobilized her network to organize the local authority to distribute a small stimulus package for the members of her community. With the collective efforts of the members of her community, she produced masks, gloves and hairnets which she then supplied to the cities with the help of BYEAH. She didn’t keep any profits from this rather urged everyone involved with her to re-invest the money in them to develop a micro enterprise for themselves.

Shila Akhter spread the spirit of entrepreneurship she obtained from BYEAH to her community, striving to build a sustainable growing economy for her village. She utilized the resources she obtained from BYEAH, sharing it with everyone in her area rather than only focusing on her own development. She is a community leader as well as an entrepreneur.