Jesmin Ahmad’s husband had a brain stroke in 2019. Her family’s savings were slowly depleting as her husband’s medical expenses kept growing. With the responsibility of ensuring education for her 2 sons, she decided to start her own business with BDT 5,000 borrowing from her eldest son’s savings.

Before when she wanted to start a business in 2018, her in-laws were not very cooperative. In 2020, she got her business license and started a factory with 2 sewing machines and block printing table. The customers in her neighborhood responded well to her products. But because of the covid-19 pandemic she had to shut her factory down. She couldn’t give up because she had to ensure their living expenses along with her husband’s medical expenses. Jesmin set up her factory at home and again, started from there.

Jesmin Ahmad always wanted to do something for her community. While working she took notice of some Differently Abled Individuals. She started training these differently abled individuals in block print, boutiques, hand paint and sewing.

E-commerce & Digital Marketing Skills

With a steady production of Jewlery, Apparels and Bags from her business, she wanted to expand her market digitally. But she realized that she didn’t know

and took the Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Skills Training which helped her understand the nitty-gritty parts of running an online business. Her products are being sold regularly through her Facebook page.

The differently abled employees she has under her receive regular wages with an addition of 5% of her profits from sales distributed equally among them.

From an initial capital of BDT 5,000 she borrowed from her son, she was able to grow that capital to BDT 500,000 with the Entrepreneurship Support Program designed by BYEAH.

Jesmin Ahmad aspires to grow her business to reach global markets as well to create more opportunities of financial inclusion to the underserved communities.