Md. Tanjirul Hoque is a graduate who runs a small tourism-based side business with its base of operations being in Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj. After receiving 3 training courses from BYEAH he now manages one of the most successful travel groups of his time.

The locality in which Tanjirul resides primarily invokes traditional entrepreneurship or business initiatives featuring mostly agro-pastoral/ handicraft businesses. He tried a different approach in his initiative by using the training from BYEAH, coming up with a business model that suits his passion for travelling and generating a source of income for himself. Ovijatri is a Facebook group created by Tanjirul to facilitate/manage tours in various tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

Basic Entrepreneurship Training

Tanjirul utilised his training in Basic Entrepreneurship from BYEAH to develop a business plan to start his tourism business. Before the training, he had never thought of taking on such a risky endeavour. With training from BYEAH, Tanjirul was able to create a roadmap for his business. He now organises around 16 tours annually in 8-10 renowned tourist destinations in Bangladesh. He manages transport, food, and hotels for tourists, making it convenient for them to rely on Tanjirul’s services.

Advanced Digital Training course

With the Advanced Digital Training provided by BYEAH, Tanjirul enhanced his Facebook page by integrating website marketing techniques making his services popular. His followers increased by 300% in the first month, and his page reach grew by 158% With an annual return of 1.6 lacs and no monetary investment, Tanjirul can now invest in himself to pursue his dream of living a convenient life.