Md. Faisal Mollah is an entrepreneur with a dairy farm on the outskirts of Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj. He aims to produce fresh milk and dairy products to supply in the markets. He is a follower of the ‘safe food’ movement, thus making sure his products are entirely organic and safe. Faisal also produces high-quality meat from 3 breeds of cows and wishes to one day develop a new high-meat-yielding organic breed to represent his locality.

Basic Entrepreneurship Training

Faisal attended Basic Entrepreneurship Training facilitated by BYEAH, intending to make his business more profitable. From the training course, he was able to develop a business plan with which he could grow his business. He also learned about financial management for his business, which allowed him to identify the intricacies of his business’ operational costs, which after making convenient adjustments, yielded higher revenue. This allowed him to double his business in terms of growth. Before, he used to manage 6-8 cows and around 40 litres of milk a day. After the training, his business accommodates the management of 15-20 cows in a season while producing 120+/- litres of milk a day. Furthermore, he learned about the trending topics of the food industry, namely the ‘Safe Food’ movement and the demand for organic food. This inspired him to focus on the organic nature of his production more.

His sales increased to BDT 20,00,000 annually from beef and BDT 8,000+ from Milk daily. Faisal aspires to invest in his effort to upscale the potential of his business.

Decent Work Principles Training

Faisal was more focused on growing his business but was unaware of the direct and indirect impact his employees had on the health of his business. He found it hard to maintain the interest of his employees in his business, always hiring on a contractual basis. After obtaining the Decent Work Principles training from BYEAH, he now has 2 fixed employees satisfied with the work hours and above-market-rate wage. Faisal keeps documentation of his employees and provides them with medical costs if required. He understands that providing such incentives to his employees reinforces their willingness to work and motivates them to bring better productivity from their end.

Faisal’s dream is to be well-acknowledged in his area as a successful entrepreneur achieving high-scale employability.