Entrepreneurs are the beacons of economic activity. They generate income, employment and inclusion. Marjia Akhter Labonno is one such entrepreneur who strives to facilitate those around her (esp. Rural Women within her locality) to benefit from her initiatives.

She Got Connected to BYEAH and acquired Entrepreneurship Development Training, Advanced Digitial Training and Decent Work Principles Training. She has implemented the training in her business so that she was recognised by the Local Authorities, Government Institutions, International NGOs and Private sectors. Her Enterprise- Labonno Fashion World, employs women from various parts of her village on a contractual basis after providing Training to them. Implementing her Financial Management Training received from BYEAH she can now secure more profits from her products while ensuring fair wages for her employees. She is also providing Mentoring services to new women entrepreneurs in her municipality.

Market Linkage

Labonno was able to enter markets out of her locality with the help of Local Government Bodies linked by mentors and officers of BYEAH. She now heads the networking of her fellow entrepreneurs at her municipality in Sirajdikhan. She provides services to the community as a trainer through programs facilitated even by JAICA.

E-commerce Training

Labonno has employed an admin for marketing and Facebook page maintenance after she received Advanced Digital Training from BYEAH. She has a working e-commerce plan prepared by her during the training sessions. She knows the impact of market visibility and is always trying to improve conditions in her favour.

Decent Work Training

When talking with some of her employees, they mentioned the comfort they feel when working with Labonno, that they receive fair wages and can contribute to their families thanks to her. When asked Labonno says,” I got a Decent Work Principles Training facilitated by BYEAH where I learned the long-term benefits for my business by providing certain benefits to my employees. If I am good to them it’s good for the business.”

Looking forward, Labonno wants her employees to undergo capacity-building training, which she wants to finance for the betterment of her business. As a mother, she wants to set an example for her child as an impactful societal individual.