Kaniz Fatima, age 28, is the name of an overwhelming young entrepreneur. She lives in her home in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, with her parents and three sisters. Kaniz can’t tell how time passes by while taking care of her business in a factory and showroom. But even a while back, she couldn’t imagine setti

go up to a shoe factory and a showroom.

Kaniz could not continue her studies because of her marriage. She was enrolled in an engineering diploma at the Agargaon Women’s Polytechnic, Dhaka. After several years of marriage, her husband got a divorce. She set the goal of raising her only daughter. She wanted to do something for herself and the country. With the intention of doing ‘something’, Kaniz received training from different institutions on different subjects. She started selling products online in the country, bringing products from outside the country.

Business Training Courses

In early 2018, Kaniz learned about how to do business properly with two training courses on business from BYEAH. Kaniz said that BYEAH’s training and consultation support had helped her a lot in managing and establishing her business. Kaniz said, “In the past, I was in a trading business. I could not do well in that sector. Unlike my previous business initiatives, I started a new leather base shoe factory ‘Top Leather’ in mid-2019 after joining BYEAH. I invested time and money in the production-oriented business. Also, I got training in leather products marketing.” Kaniz added, “now I am making leather base shoes – sandals, taking orders from online, wholesale and retail in the local market. There are plans to export ‘top leather’ products abroad.”

Mentor Matching

“When starting Top Leather, I wanted advice from different people and organizations. BYEAH matched me with a mentor who provided me with suggestions which contributed a lot to my business. I have never forgotten this contribution. I have taken a trade license in the name of Top Leather.”, she says. ‘I have no loan till now. However, I want to take a loan to expand the range of my business.”

“I have faced many problems when it comes to doing business as a woman, but with proper planning and mentor advice, I was able to handle it. Women in Bangladesh still face many problems in this kind of business initiative, but with the right advice and understanding, all the problems can be solved. Women are playing a role in moving the country’s economic wheels.” If a young woman wants to be an entrepreneur, she knows how to give the right advice.