Masud Rana, age 32, combined experience from working in various factories and training received from BYEAH, has now established a showroom for leather products called ‘Pax Leather’ on the second floor of the Mirpur Cooperative Market. Masud Rana is now moving forward with the promotion and outreach of Pax Leather with considerable confidence.

He came to Dhaka from the city of Sirajganj, hoping to get a job. After completing undergrad, his sole focus became earning. In the leather goods business, he started with some savings at first, bought shoes and sandals, supplying them to various stores. But buyers don’t care about anything but the brand. Masud couldn’t figure out how to move this business forward. Then, he couldn’t find the kind of person to guide him in business. While browsing Facebook, he saw a post calling for Young Entrepreneurs to get connected to this organization called Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Helpcentre for Entrepreneurship Training and Support Program. The post piqued his interest.

Entrepreneurship Training and Support Program

After coming to BYEAH, Masud realized that proper training could make all the experiences worthwhile. At the same time, with the right mentor, there is a definite way forward. With the help of BYEAH, he developed a three-year plan for his business, participated in fairs and got connected to hundreds of young entrepreneurs. As a result, Masud Rana has found the courage to fulfil his dream of establishing and marketing leather products called Pax Leather.

Within just two years of joining BYEAH, he established a showroom, which has a total of 17 permanent and temporary employees working in his company. A business mentor, who gives him business advice and guidance, which was made possible by BYEAH.

Advanced Digital Training

As a result of BYEAH’s Advanced Digital Training Course, Pax Leather also has a working website and Facebook Page. Pax Leather products are being sold on platforms such as Daraz. Demand for products from Pax Leather has also entered the Export market.

In Masud’s words, “BYEAH has changed my life. Now I know what I want to do, and how and with whom to cooperate. It is clear to me what I did not know before. I would like to employ 100 people in the next 2 years and make Pax Leather brand quality leather products.”