Masum Talukder was born in 1985 in a rural family in the Jhalokathi district, located in the southern part of Bangladesh. After passing his diploma, he came to Dhaka in 2005 for employment. He faced difficulties in adjusting and getting a job in Dhaka city. However, initially, he got a job in a company but could not carry on due to work pressure.

After that, he started a clothing shop with a partner jointly. But that was also a 3-year-long failed project. He left the partnership business and sought a job as a factory manager in a handicraft factory again. After 3 years of working experience in the handicraft production business, he got the inspiration to start his own business.

In 2014, he started a handicraft business in the Dhaka Uddan area of Mohammadpur, Dhaka. After one year, he realized that the company was not growing. He felt worried about losing again! He got connected and sought support from BYEAH after one of his business friends suggested it.

BYEAH’s Support as a Game Changer

He connected with BYEAH in 2015. That was the turning point of his business life. He has received all the orientation, basic, and advanced training from BYEAH, as well as business profile development and institutional financial support. Now, he has a handicraft showroom in Dhaka Uddan residential area where around 5 people are working as employees. Besides, he is planning to start a handicraft factory where he will produce ready-made three-piece (Female Dress) garment items in future.