Greenery Cart, a project of BJRS Bangladesh is working to create an end-to-end supply-chain process for agricultural products. It is targeting to collect harvest directly from contracted root-level farmers and bring fresh and organic vegetables to the customer while empowering the minority and non-privileged community as the retailers. The brand was developed so that customers could find fresh and safe food on their plates. This is the vision of Md Sarwar Kabir, a social enterprise owner, striving to advocate more incentives for Grassroot Farmers.

BYEAH Impact Incubation

This social enterprise Md Sarwar Kabir founded was looking for support to enable its potential for social impact. BYEAH Impact Incubation provided this support, polishing his idea and giving him access to digital tools (via our partner organization Bridge for Billions’ global platform) to formulate a comprehensive executive summary. The tools helped Sarwar to establish a concrete Value Proposition, create Competiton Mapping, understand Stakeholder Mapping, and develop Business Plan, Impact, Growth and Financial Projection. Compiling the outputs from using the tool Sarwar has access to a pitch deck with which he can pursue Impact Investors to support his cause.

Sarwar has also been linked to a mentor who guided him through the incubation as part of the program.

Impact investors are a group of venture capitalists that have pledged to support ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) enterprises in their goals to solve SDGs through their responsible business models. BYEAH Impact Incubation provides that “License to Finance” Impact Investors look for when they seek Impact Enterprises to invest in.

Md Sarwar Kabir’s incubation period is from September 27, 2022, to January 30, 2023. After Completion of the incubation program, he will have access to the platform for the next 6 months from the completion date