Sabiha Islam Bithi is a confident young entrepreneur. From college life, she was committed to doing business. In 2016, she received training in jute handicrafts from the government-run Jute Diversification Promotion Center (JDPC). She then started an organisation called Purnata Crafts. Meeting files, cardholders, various types of folders, pen stands, bags, jute accessories, etc., are made by her jute organisation.    

 Sabiha says demand for jute products is widespread not only in the country but also abroad. She further says that while most people still do not value lacquer products, most people consider jute products to be environmentally friendly. There is a huge demand for jute abroad. Sabiha also said that her jute goods were exported overseas. “Once, a Bangladeshi businessman ordered a birthday card with jute for Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Then I made that card with everything I had. After receiving my card from that merchant, Queen Elizabeth II sent me a thank you letter for this birthday card.”   

Business Information and Training Access   

Sabiha thanked Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice and Help Center (BYEAH) because she learned a lot of important business information from BYEAH’s training. She also sells her products through her Facebook Page, which got a massive response. When she started this business, she used to work alone and now has three employees.   

After starting a business with BDT 200,000, the business capital of Sabiha now stands at about BDT 500,000. She now has a trade license in her name.    

 Sabiha believes that as a Bangladeshi, she is producing jute products through the raw materials produced here, and she is happy and proud of it. “Jute is our local resource, foreigners pay a lot for jute products, but our country doesn’t limit the use of polythene,” she said. The demand for jute products in Bangladesh was high when the use of polythene stopped. She said that the demand for jute is increasing day by day, and it will increase in the future. As a result, many new entrepreneurs will be created in this field, and they will do well.   

 Sabiha Islam Bithi wants her company to be one of the best jute product manufacturers and exporters in the country.