The road to entrepreneurship is different for everyone. Everyone has a unique story to tell. How Tabassum Jahan started her journey was unique on a different scale.

Born and raised in Bakshibazar, Old Town, Tabassum started as a handicraft product instructor at an NGO. She had a talent for handicrafts and was skilled in producing diverse products perfectly. So, she started her career as a trainer of handicrafts in 2004, training numerous women who later developed into entrepreneurs.

Soon after her career had started, she was diagnosed with bone cancer. After receiving proper treatment, she recovered fully in 2008. During her sickness, she had an epiphany. She trained many women who later became successful entrepreneurs. So, why not give entrepreneurship a try?

Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development Training

From this thought, she went to BYEAH for training in business management, business start-up, and business plan development. Although Tabassum was a handicraft product instructor, she had little idea about business management and development. After taking business management and entrepreneurship development training from BYEAH, she quit her job. In 2018, she established her business.

Tabassum said that “The way I thought of the business had changed drastically after coming to BYEAH. Frankly, being an entrepreneur is not difficult; it’s hard to start an initiative. I couldn’t even begin to think for a long time. I didn’t get that encouragement from anyone. But BYEAH motivated me and gave me the necessary knowledge about this field. I started.”

Various products made by Tabassum, such as scum, Jute yarn, wood, Coconut butter, and bamboo products, are now being sold at multiple fairs and online, with excellent customer response. But the sector may face market saturation without access to international markets.

In her view, government initiatives can drastically change the market landscape for handicraft items. “Our products are nothing short of international quality. Now more networks and markets need to be explored.”, says Tabassum.