Always smiling, Saiful Islam firmly believes that this time he can be able to do business. “I did much business and couldn’t settle. But BYEAH’s training courses have helped me decide and settle at 34. I have realised that nothing is achieved without specific goals and plans. I’m taking my business forward in a new light,” says Vertex’s owner: Saiful Islam, who is now working relentlessly in the promoting and the outflowing of jute goods, moving towards success.

After the SSC examination, Saiful Islam visited the port in Chittagong without any thought he bought electronics goods for sales purposes. He started a business with a friend while studying. After 3 years, his friend moved abroad, and the business stopped. Then he joined an IT business in partnership because it was bigger and had a social impact, especially for street children. From that thought, he got directly associated with a voluntary organisation for street children’s education and mental development. Saiful never gave importance to business or enterprise due to family transparency. Along with the IT business, Saiful once took up training for jute products. Saiful knew the importance of jute in the country and the world market. The government has given importance to this issue. But he did not give any importance to the initiative.

Realising the Importance of a Business Plan through Training

In early 2018, he communicated with BYEAH. He received two types of training from BYEAH, and he became interested in business planning. BYEAH matched him with a mentor. He realised the necessity of creating a business plan that he had neglected for the last 3 years. In his words, he realised when he was planning a business “that I could see my business. I did much training. But to do so in writing a business plan, the analysis and the market demand were unknown. If I had given importance to my business like this a couple of years ago, my company would have been established today. Since the training, I have given importance to my business. I am participating in various fairs, taking care of the topic of factory development and marketing.”

Mentoring and Networking Access

“BYEAH gave me a business consultant called Mentor. He gives me business advice. Got into the entrepreneurs’ network of BYEAH. And so now, I will follow the plan to establish my initiative. My partners are now happy too. I am grateful to BYEAH for this.”- says Saiful.

Saiful Islam is an entrepreneur. He currently focuses on promoting and outreach of jute goods through Vertex. His organisation now has 18 employees, only 8 the year before.

Saiful Islam, a resident of Mailbag, Dhaka, dreams of entrepreneurship for his children. Because entrepreneurs can provide jobs and create jobs, as an activist on BYEAH’s Young Entrepreneur platform, he has been relentlessly working to develop other entrepreneurs. Saiful has found the right path and direction. He is working to inspire thousands of children to become entrepreneurs.